Enjoy the Costa Blanca South

The Costa Blanca has a lot to offer you as a holiday maker or as a resident. Just make sure you come with a sense of fun and enjoy it !

Ok, so you want to holiday or live in the Costa Blanca South, Spain? Well there’s loads of reasons why you might visit or stay in the Costa Blanca. Here’s a few general good reasons to come over.

Seven Good Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Costa Blanca South

Outdoor Living

And if you are quick you’ll realise all the above are Al Fresco activities… the joys of Hondon Valley Living. The freedom and certainty of being able to ‘play’ outside or sit in a sunny café-bar and watch the world go by is far cry from the cold, damp winters of Northern Europe. What other reasons do you need?

Off the Beaten Track

Costa Blanca South is more than just a collection of glitzy resorts. It’s beauty and diversity will amaze you. But you have to get a map, get a tourist book, get in the car and EXPLORE. I highly recommend you do because you’ll be missing out if not.

Going Local

To visit Costa Blanca means finding the hidden corners, the treasures of the inland where traditional Spanish life has hardly changed, where the baker and butcher still ply their trades from a local shop, where market day with it’s freshly picked produce is the hub of the week. Where prices are not inflated to fleece the tourists… and where the locals are friendly and welcoming. Get off the beaten track and see the real Spain.. it’s amusing and rewarding.

Visitor Top Tips

The Costa Blanca is a BIG place so here are some general tips on making more of your time…

Get a Bit Of Sun:

With 300+ days of sunshine you WILL get out and about, swim in the Med’, have a BBQ, walk the dog, bike somewhere, sun-bathe or watch the world go by from under a restaurant parasol. Even if you are not a sun-bather, the Spanish sunshine is a major reason their lifestyle and climate is so different from us Northern Europeans. And the World Health Organisation keep saying that the climate here is one of the healthiest on the planet - it cleared up my Asthma. Feel the warmth !!!

Eat And Drink:

Spanish cuisine is full of goodness, all those fresh fruit and veg’, a vast variety of healthy fish, tasty meats and local traditional Tapas dishes are a must. Be adventurous for once.. try that Chorizo sausage in red wine, salted almonds or the Ali-Oli garlic dip. I recommend Patatas Bravas or a hearty Chicken Paella. And if you like your drinks fruity – check out a freshly made Sangria. Yummmmmy ! At festival times, the food is in abundance, no good dieting then – get stuck in.

Get Tripping:

Don't just stay in doors at your accommodation, get a life! Costa Blanca South has a load of historical and interesting places to visit, especially in Fiesta Season (usually summer months). Try Elche (City of Palms) with it’s beautiful parks, Plaza and Basilica… or Alicante Marina and promenade (especially late at night when it comes alive). Go see tiny Guadalest (north of Benidorm) is the most visited village in Spain apparently. it’s up some steep mountains and a little chilly but well worth the trip and mountain views. Of course if you are young at heart try the Benidorm area for theme parks – there’s loads.

Sail Away:

With miles of coast line the Costa Blanca is great for water sports and boat trips in the summer sun on the Med’ is always a nice way to spend a day. The fresh breezes will soon cool you down. Try the islands of Tabarca for water sports and marine life (off Alicante), Mar Menor salt lake (near Cartagena) for wild life, resorts and beaches or try Benidorm Island… all are pretty but different from each other.

The Markets:

The Spanish market is a way of weekly life. There’s bound to be one near you in Costa Blanca everyday, just ask a local. They are usually full of fresh produce from local farmers, fish and meats, nuts & pulses, clothing (very cheap), household items and leather goods (shoes, belts). The bigger ones tend ot be near the tourist traps but the local village ones are worth a look and a lot cheaper usually. Some of the large popular ones have catering sections serving all types of food… like the BIG English Breakfasts.

Head for the Hills:

Within 30/40 minutes drive from the coastal towns of Costa Blanca you can be in the most fertile of valleys, surrounded by a dramatic mountain-scape begging to be walked or climbed. In spring / summer you’ll see 1000′s of acres of agricultural land growing grapes, olives, almonds, oranges, tomatoes, artichokes, pears, lemons, palms, the list goes on.Of course it's easy to drive through the mountains but head for Medieval Novelda, Jumilla or Monavar (wine making). Hondon de las Nieves itself as the well stocked and beautiful Cerda Bodega that makes and sells wine. Orhuela, north of Torrevieja is a nice drive through lemon groves and good for a shopping trip.

Spanish Culture:

In the tourist areas it’s hard to spot so go inland a little or off the beaten track to find a rich history, flamenco dancing, bull-runs, bull-fights, Spanish guitar evenings, festivals and fiestas, themed markets, religious ceremonies and firework nights, which are very popular in Costa Blanca. (Elche has a magnificent one during August). Do as the Spanish do go for a late stroll before dinner and wile the late hours with some live music. Alicante and Elche have live music bars.

Fiestas, Fiestas, Fiestas:

There are loads to choose from. Some are very sober affairs with religious connections, (Christmas, Easter) and others are just an excuse to have a bl**dy good time. The Medieval Festivals do the rounds and are well worth a trip, usually ending with more fireworks. New Year is the 12 grape festival with fireworks (again) and music… and gastronomic feasts, the Giantas (big headed models dancing) and marching bands, music festivals, trade fairs with stalls and games + village water fights even. They are not always well publicised so you may have to dig around for dates but they are surprising good in small towns and villages.

Be British:

OK even the most ardent culture vulture wants to have a few home comforts which you’ll easily get in the tourist traps of Costa Blanca. The good old english breakfast is nice around here but the 'traditional British Sunday roast' is very popular on the coast and usually of good quality and good value.


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